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Aditek offers a range of traditional metal brackets to meet all dental professional preferences

BioMax Bracket System

  • Biomax Bracket System offers maximum comfort and efficiency.


    • PERMANENT MIDLINE aligned with the long axis of the clinical crown, for greater accuracy in bracket gluing.
    • INTEGRATED HOOK with anatomical rounded format• UNDER AREA IN THE EXPANDED WINGS the incisal wall of the bracket is angled, facilitating the placement of multiple ligatures, bracing and auxiliary.
    • CHAMFERED SLOT facilitating the archwire placement, eliminating corners in the lip surface, improving comfort to the patient.
    • ANATOMICAL BASE for better adaptation to the tooth.
    • MICRO BLASTED BASE maximizes mechanical retention, providing greater adhesion strength.
    • TORQUE IN THE BASE reduces the bracket profile height, improving adaptation to the tooth and comfort to the patient. It allows the alignment of the slot in the final phase of treatment, which minimizes and usually eliminates additional archwire adjustments.


    Available in prescriptions ROTH and MBT.

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