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Microcopy is all about serving up the best dental products. Founded in 1970, it has  advocated for effcient, safe and simple dentistry for 50 years. With introduction of NeoDiamond® burs in 1989, Microcopy pioneered the idea of Single-Patient-Use instruments for dental practices. Since the launch of NeoDiamond over 30 years ago, Microcopy has expanded its SIngle-Patient-Use portfolio to include NeoBurr® - carbides with a blended neck® and single-piece construction on select shapes for optimal strength.

Microcopy also offers NeoDrys® parotid saliva absorbents, NeoShine® mini polishers and Flaps bite taps. Microcopy is dedicated to designing  and developing innovative products that drive the dental industry forward and deliver superior patient care. 

White Gradient


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Top Bur -Diamond

2019, 2018, 2017, 2015 & 2014


Dental Advisor


Best Product

2018, 2017


Dental Product Shopper

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Launched in 1989, NeoDiamond pioneered the idea of Single-Patient-Use (SPU) dental rotary instruments and soon became the #1 sterile, SPU diamond bur worldwide. Designed and manufactured with advanced technologies, NeoDiamond is a premium quality rotary line, with equal and often superior performance compared to leading multi-use diamonds, that offers a safer and more efficient way for dentists to care for their patients.



As part of NeoDiamond family, NeoGold line includes most popular shapes. The NeoGold 24 Karat Gold diamond bur, features Xactfit® and Triton® technologies.


Resistance to corrosion

Light Reflection in the mouth

Clean work


The New Definition of Strength

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