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Calcium Hydroxide P.A.

  • • It has the property of stimulating the formation of sclerosed and repairing dentin;

    • Protects the pulp against thermoelectric stimuli;

    • Protects the pulp from the action of toxic agents of some restorative materials;

    • Microorganisms cannot grow in direct contact with CALCIUM HYDROXIDE;

    • The product can work for several days. Long-term CALCIUM HYDROXIDE dressings have shown the reversal of several periapical changes;

    • Causes inhibition of bacterial proliferation;

    • It can deprive residual microorganisms of their nutritive supply by preventing the penetration of exudate into the root canal system;

    • The pH 12.4, highly alkaline, can favor bacterial death.

    • High degree of purity guaranteed by the best suppliers of raw material on the market and our constant laboratory evaluation of the product

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