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  • • HYDROPAST is Calcium Hydroxide paste, an important element to induce the reparative dentin formation and used as intracanal material in endodontics procedures.

    • The calcium hydroxide provides the product with an antibacterial action, depriving residuals microorganisms of their nutritive supply preventing exudate penetration in the canal root system interior.

    • Its pH is 12.4, highly alkaline, may biased toward bacterial death.

    • Old calcium hydroxide dressings have demonstrated lots of periapicals altering reversions.

    • This component also has an excellent biocompatibility, helping the tissue reparation by tissue enzymatic activation, generating a tissue mineralization.

    • It leads to reparative dentin formation. It allows a calcification increase of the preexistent dentin layer.

    • Offers better protecting conditions to pulp when give in to injuries.

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